About Us

We are a small family run business, who believes in providing top quality customer service and value for money. We source the best quality products from the UK and abroad and truly believe in our products.

Our Ranges Include:

Being a leader in Supplemental health we have a Large range of supplements from many leading manufacturers. Sections include Herbal, Vitamins & Minerals, Cod Liver, Omega3, Hemp, Eve. Primrose, and other oils, Joint supplements, Digestives such as Aloe Vera, Tissue Salts, Homeopathy, and many general products for your well being.

We also stock a good range of quality Essential Oils, Hair Colours, Wheat Bags, and much more.

Our Body care section is extensive and we stock many major health brands and quality goods. Shampoos and conditioners, Hair Care products, Deodorants, Soaps of all kinds, Skin condition cremes etc, dental products, Feminine Hygeine goods, large range of Body cremes, Oils, Masks, etc, to pamper yourself with.

We have a section of Himalayan salts, Epsom salt, Dead Sea salts, etc and along with our range of empty bottles, jars, pipettes and raw materials you can make many of your own products.

Our food ranges include Healthy pastas, over 200 different teas, coffee substitutes, Diabetic foods, Ceoliac foods, Fruits, Nuts, Cereals, Seeds, Oriental, Honeys, Drinks, Milks, to name some.

We have a great range of quality incense, Fragrance Oils, Oil Burners, Sage Sticks, and more.

All of this at good pricing makes us a must see store.

Do visit and enjoy all we have to offer – We’re sure you’ll be pleased.